Training Di 23.10.2018

Warm up: By yourself 15min Strength/Skill: Handstandpushups strict 3-5 oder scaled: negativ 3s oben/3s runter Every 90sec x 6 keine Scalierung mit Abmat!!!! anschließend 4x 10-20 Shoulder Taps mit 1min Pause Workout 5x 3 Min Amrap 200m run 15 Wallballs 15 Boxjumps as many Hang Clean and Jerks with Dumbell 30kg/20kg in remaining Time alternating

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Training Mo 22.10.18

1. Every 90sec x8 1.1 Clean & Jerk @80-85% WOD for Time 5 Squat clean Thrusters@ 70% 10 Squat clean Thrusters (Clusters)@60% 20 Clusters @50% Bodybuilding Amrap 15min Dumbell Hammer Curls 10/10 Floor press Hold with windshildwipers 6/6 Trizepz Extensions 10

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Training Fr. 19.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Coaches Choice Strength: Weighted Box Step Ups (2x KB or DB) 5 Sets with 10 reps (5per leg) Increase weight for every set   Bar Dips 5 Sets with 10 reps each Beginner: Set up barbell in rack or dip machine Advanced: Bar dips via Felgaufschwung Elite: Bar dips via Felgaufschwung +

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Training Do. 18.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Garbage Ball Divide box in two equal halves with 60cm boxes and create two equal teams Every team has 10 wallballs in their half (same number of kilos) On count of 3-2-1 GO every team must try and get their “garbage” into the other team’s half 6 Sets 1 minute After every

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Training Di. 16.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Run 2 rounds 2x 10 Lat-Pull-Ups and 10 Diamond Push Ups Wrist Activation/Stretch Strength: Hand Stand Walk 12min time to practice Beginner: Hand Stand Walk Progression or Wall Walks or Hand Stand Hold Advanced: Built up some obstacles and walk over them   Nordic Glute Ham Raise (on floor) Partner will hold

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Training am Mo. 15.10.2018

Warm up: Overheadsquats an der Wand 4 Rounds 10 Overheadsquats one arm with KB or Dumbell 5 inchworms with pushup 20 Mountainclimbers Skill/Strength: 1. Go as high as possible in 5 Snatch Grip Push Press+3 OHS 2. Every 4 Min x4 6 Power Snatch w. 1s Pause im Catch @ 78-80% of Max Power Snatch

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Training Fr. 12.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Coaches Choice Strength: Weighted Ring Dips EMOM10 5 reps Beginner: Use elastic band for support   Planks 4 rounds of 30sec ON / 30sec OFF Side Plank left / Plank / Side Plank right   WOD: CHOKE SLAM For time 500m Row or Ski / Bike 0.7miles 30 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts 20

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