Training Do. 20.09.2018

  WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 10min Coaches Choice Warm Up Routine   Strenght: Bear Complex 1 rep = Power Clean+FrontSquat+PushPress+BackSquat+PushPress All movements without dropping the bar in-between Full hip and knee extension Work up to heavy 1RM within 12min   Top of Pull Up Hold EMOM8 Hold as long as you can but min. 15sec  

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Training Di. 18.09.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 10min Practice Single Unders BACKWARDS   Strenght: Squat Hold against the wall 5rounds with 30sec hold Take weight plate and hold it in front of you Try to increase weight for every round   10min Shoulder Press WarmUP: 10-12 reps with empty bar Rest of time built up to heavy 1RM Start

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Training Montag 17.09.18

Warm up: Every 2:30 for 12:30Min 20m lunges 10 Ring rows 10 Medball cleans Skill/Strength: Goodmornings 3×10 Backsquats 3×3 @85% 1×1 @90% 2×8 @70% WOD 1 40sec on / 60s offx 4 Dumbell Box step overs rest 2min 40sec on/ 60s offx4 Frontracklunges

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Training Fr. 14.09.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 400m easy Row or Ski 8 Turkish Get Ups   Strenght: 10min Kipping Technique Advanced: Do Bar Muscle Ups with focus on quality and technique Beginner: Kipping Pull Ups (Banded)   Core Strength 4 rounds of, 5 reps unbroken for each movement Hollow rock V-Up Tuck Up 10s Hollow Hold   WOD:

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Training Do. 13.09.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 10min Running Clock Glutes and Hams WarmUp 20m Banded side walks 10 Glute Bridge 10 One-legged Glute Bridge (5per leg) 10 Donkey Kickbacks (5per leg) 10 Good mornings Start again until 10min are over   Strenght: Glute Ham Raises 5 Sets with 10 reps Either grab a partner who holds down your

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Training Di. 11.09.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 5min Jump Rope Work 5min Stretch and Mobilization   Strenght: Dumbbell Bench Press 5 Sets with 5-7 reps per arm Increase weight for every set   Weighted Ring Dips Strict Choose a weight and don´t go below it EMOM10 – 5 reps   WOD: „Street Fight” For time: 10 Burpees over Wall

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Training Fr. 07.09.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 10min Mobility & Stretch Warm Up by Coaches Choice   Strenght: Dumbbell Bent-Over Row 5 Sets with 6-8 reps per arm Increase weight for every set   Double Kettle Bell Suitcase Deadlift WarmUp: Take two light KB and perform 15 reps for quality movement 5 Sets with 5 reps Increase weight for

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