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AMRAP-As Many Reps as Possible,”As many reps/rounds as possible during the specified timeframe or set. This may be written as AMRAP (-x) for a set, indicating to go x reps short of failure for that set.”
AMSAP- As Many Seconds as Possible
AS- Air Squats
AxB- Axlebar
b/t- Between
Bar MU- Bar Muscle Ups
BB- Barbell
B Lunge- Back Rack Barbell Lunge
BBJ- Burpee Box Jump
BJ- Box Jump
BJSD- Box Jump Step Down
BS- Back Squat
BTN- Behind The Neck
Burpee MU- Burpee Muscle Up, Complete burpee and jump onto bar to complete muscle up
Cals- Calories
CC- Continental Clean
CGBP- Close-Grip Bench Press, Narrower grip bench press
Clean- Any Variation is Acceptable
Climbing-more weight set by set
COVP CU- Chin Over Vertical Plane,Chin must travel over the bar to break the plane created by the pullup bar that is perpendicular to the floor
CTB- Chest To Bar Pull-up,Chest makes contact with the pull-up bar at or below the clavicle on every rep
CTB CU- Chest to Br Chin Up
DB WL- Dumbbell Walking Lunge
dHSPU- Deficit Handstand Push-up
Deficit-Add additional range of motion to the movement
DL- Deadlift
DU-Double Under,Jump rope passes under the feet twice per pass
EMOM-Every Minute on The Minute,”Perform the work, and rest until the top of the next minute”
FG- Fat Grips, Aids in additional forearm strength while practicing the movements
FLR-Front Leaning Rest,”Plank position at the top of the push-up with scapula retracted, belly contracted towards spine, glutes activate, and chin towards chest.”
FR- Front Rack, Resting the bar in the front rack position as opposed to the standard back rack
FRWL- Front Rack Walking Lunge
FS- Front Squat
FW- Farmers Walk, While holding weights in each hand (such as dumbbells or kettlebells) begin to walk to measured distance and return
G2OH- Ground to Overhead, When performing a movement the bar touches the ground then proceeds to travel overhead, repeat
GH Back Ext- Glute Ham Back Extension
GH Sit-up- Glute Ham Sit-up
GHR- Glute Ham Raise
GHD- Glute-Ham Developer
GM- Good Morning
HBBS- High Bar Back Squat,”Barbell rests on top of the traps, as opposed to the Low Bar Back Squat, in which the barbell rests on the rear delts.”
Hlt- Halting, Slow and Resistant
HPC – hang power clean
HRPU- Hand Release Push-Up, perform a standard push up but when the chest touches the ground the hands will come off the ground
HSPU- Hand Stand Push-Up,Performed with Feet against the wall. You may use a kip unless otherwise specified.
KB- Kettlebell,
KBS- Kettlebell Swings
KBS, Russian- Swing kettlebell to eye-level (standard)
KG- Kilogram
KTE- Knee to Elbow, Used as a progression for TTB
Man Maker- Man Maker,”With DBs in hands, drop into a push up on the DBs, push into the top of push up position, and perform a 1 arm row per hand where the elbow travels much higher than the back. Then pull legs in and perform a squat clean thruster with DBs to complete one rep.”
MB2S- Med Ball to Shoulder
MC- Muscle Clean, Performing a clean with little or no use of the hips or feet, no momentum
Min- Minute
MS- Muscle Snatch, Completing the snatch movement with little to no use of the hips or feet, no momentum
MU-Muscle-up,Muscle-up on rings
NPUB-No Push-up Burpee
NPUBBJ-No Push-Up Burpee Box Jump
OHS- Overhead Squat,
PC- Power Clean, Perform the clean as you would but eliminate the squat
Pd- Pood, A kettlebell is measured in poods as opposed to kg or lbs
pHSPU- Paralette Hand Stand Push-up, A simulation for the parallel bars used in gymnastics
PJ- Push Jerk, A progression of the push press where forceful hip drive and a drop under the bar, is used to ‘push’ the bar overhead
PP-Push Press
Press- Strict Vertical Press
Pronated Chin Up- Palms Facing out when performing the chin up
PS- Power Snatch, Perform the snatch as you would but eliminate the squat
RC- Rope Climb
RDL- Romanian Deadlift, Unlike the typical deadlift which begins at the floor, this lift begins higher around the knee area
RFESS- Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat AKA Bulgarian Split Squat, With one foot extended behind you and elevated on to a bench or platform, perform a lunge type motion, weight can be added
RFT- Rounds For Time, How many rounds of the prescribed exercises can you complete within the allotted time
RPM- Revolutions per Minute
RTW- Round The World, Comparative to Z1
S2S- Stone to Shoulder
SA DB Press- Single Arm Dumbbell Press
SA OH DB Carry- Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Carry
SC- Squat Clean
SC Thrusters- Squat Clean Thrusters
SDL- Sumo Deadlift, A variation of the deadlift performed in sumo stance
sec- Seconds
Seg- Segmented
SJ- Split Jerk
Snatch- Any variation is acceptable
SS- Squat Snatch
STO or S2O- Shoulder to Overhead,Bring the bar from the shoulders to the locked-out position overhead in whatever method you choose.
Supinated Chin Up- Palms facing upward while performing this movement
TC- Tall Clean, Performing the clean at the highest pull, pulling from above the knees at the hips into a full clean
Tempo-different speeds of movement- 30X0 – eccentric 3 sec.-turning 0 sec.-concentric x explosiv-turning 0 sec.
TGU- Turkish Get Up
TnG- Touch and Go,No pause between or during reps
TS- Tall Snatch, Performing the snatch at the highest pull, pulling from above the knees at the hips into a full snatch
TTB or T2B- Toes to Bar,
UB- Unbroken,”Completed in a single set. Depending on the movement, there may be pause between reps in an appropriate resting position, for example, front rack position or hanging from the bar.”
VC- Versa Climber
W- Watts
WB- Wall Ball
WC- Waiters Carry , With weight in hand, clean the weight up to the shoulder, press weight up with palms facing the ceiling and begin to walk with weight held overhead
WCU- Weighted Chin-Up, Strict Chin-Up with added weight, score is bodyweight plus added weight
WG- Wide Grip
WL- Walking Lunge
wtd- Weighted
WW- Wall Walk
YW- Yoke Walk
Z1- Aerobic conditioning work at an easy pace. Roughly estimated at 65% effort.

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