Warmup: 2 runden 10 goblet Squats 5 Reps langsam/5 Reps mit Pause 14 Lunges alt. With kb 18 pushups Skill: Double Unders Kurzes andehnen der Waden Strength: Frontsquat Heavy as possible 3 Reps, First Rep Pause 5s in the bottom WOD for Time TC: 10min 300 Double Unders / 750 Single Unders EMOM 3 Frontsquats

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Training Do, 06.12.2018

Warm up: 3 easy rounds of 20 russian KB Swings 20 sec hollow hold 30 sec top plank hold Skill: Toes To Bar spend 10min A.Strength: Deadlift 8 reps as heavy as possible !!KEIN touch and go!!! Jeden Rep sauber und reset vom Boden!! B. Amrap 3Min x4 rest 3min 25/20cal Row 12 Toes to

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Training Fr. 30.11.2018

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20 Coaches Choice   Strength1: Floor Dumbbell Fly Lay down on the floor with two dumbbells 5 sets with 10 reps each Increase weight for every set Strength2: Strict Bar Dips 5 sets with max. reps possible Advanced/Elite: Go weighted   WOD: THE REAPER EMOM until death: 1. Bike 2. Row 3. SkiErg

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Training 29.11.2018

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20 Bring-Sally-Up in teams of 2 Take moderate weight wall ball and hold it over head On every “DOWN” go down to squat overhead hold On every “UP” go up and give ball to partner Keep going and changing until song is over Afterwards 30 banded good mornings for quality   Strength: Deadlift

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Training Di. 27.11.2018

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20 5 rd´s of 5x Lat Pull Ups 5x Shoulder only Push Ups 10x Glute Bridges 10x Donkey Kickback (5per leg)   Strength1: Slow Strict Pull Up AMRAP in 10min of SLOW Pull Ups 1 rep = 5sec Pull (until chin over bar) and 5sec down (active shoulder) Beginner: Use elastic band Advanced/Elite:

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Training Di 23.10.2018

Warm up: By yourself 15min Strength/Skill: Handstandpushups strict 3-5 oder scaled: negativ 3s oben/3s runter Every 90sec x 6 keine Scalierung mit Abmat!!!! anschließend 4x 10-20 Shoulder Taps mit 1min Pause Workout 5x 3 Min Amrap 200m run 15 Wallballs 15 Boxjumps as many Hang Clean and Jerks with Dumbell 30kg/20kg in remaining Time alternating

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