Training Fr. 13.7.18

Warm up: Alles 3-2-1min row, Ski, bike Strength Deadlift Reset After each Rep 5@40% 3@ 50% 1@ 60% 3×5@70-75% Go all out in the last set WOD For Time 3 runden 20 cal Row 10 Box Step overs 2 x Dumbell Rest 3min For Time 60 cal Row 30 Box Step overs

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Training Do. 12.7.18

Warmup Strength – Find 8 RM in Benchpress With 4s negativ Then -10% 2×8 at same negativ Time – 4 supersets Max Dumbell strict press with 3s Hold @ top of each Rep Max underhand Bend over row With 4s eccentric * das Gewicht sollte so gewählt werden das mindestes 8 Wiederholungen gehen WOD 4min

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Training Fr. 06.07.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 500m row 6 Turkish Get Ups (3x per arm) Strength: 10 – 12 min skill work on „Coaches Choice“ movement WOD: „Three little pigs“    AMRAP15 10 Cal AirBike/SkiErg/Row 10 Wallballs 10 Burpees over Wallball (step over allowed)   AFTER PARTY: Nose and Toes to Wall Hand Stand Hold 3x Max Nose

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Training Do. 05.07.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 Fun Warm Up Games: Pizza Game 3x 45sec (take a abmat and hold it as a pizza and try to hit others pizzas off) If your pizza falls off your hand perform 3 burpees Build a bridge (take three weight plates and walk only on plates from rack to rowers and back)

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Training Di. 03.07.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 10 min Work on DoubleUnders technique Immediately after do 5 Rope Climbs (focus on technique) Strenght: EMOM10 perform: beginner use an elastic band 3 Ring Dips (Bar Dips) strict 3 Pull Ups strict WOD: „The Presidents 36th anniversary quadrathlon“    In teams of 2: 100 Cal Row/Ski erg while partner holds deadlift,

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Training Mo. 02.07.2018

Warm Up: Tabata (30/10) x 6 KB overhead / HS-hold deadhang Strenght:S20 Technik 1 RM Strict Press + 1 RM Push Press + 1 RM Push Jerk EMOM10: 1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk WOD: In teams of 2: AMRAP20 BuyIn: 400m DB carry + 400m overhead carry / every

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Training Fr. 29.06.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 4 rounds of: 20 Jumping Jacks 16 Russian Twists with Medball 10 PushUps Strength: EMOM10: 5 deadlift (touch and go) with 80% of 1 RM Beginners: take moderate weight and focus on technique Core Work: 5 sets (NOT FOR TIME BUT QUALITY) of:  rest 45sec between sets 15 V-Ups 20 sec Hollow

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