Training Do. 14.03.2019

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20

  • Warm-Up: Coaches Choice



  • Back Squat E2MOMx5
    • 5 Back Squats
    • Warm Up with moderate weight for 10-15 reps
    • Choose a load and stick with it for all 5 rounds



  • Rings Support Top Hold
    • 5 rounds with 30sec hold each (beginner: go as long as possible)
    • Keep elbows close to your body and try to turn rings out
    • Keep your core and butt flexed and your arms straight
    • Shoulders down and away from your ears
    • Keep feet together




CFSR Black Jack

  • 3 rounds for time:
    • 21 Deadlifts (60kg/40kg)
    • 21 Toes-To-Bar
    • 21 deficit Push-Ups (take two weight plates for deficit)


AFTER PARTY:            30 heavy Russian Twist with weight plate (1 rep = weight plate touches floor on both sides)

Choose your weight and stick to it; break up reps as you need

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