Training Do. 07.03.2019

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20

  • Warm-Up: Coaches Choice



  • Spend 10 minutes on ring gymnastics 
    • Depending on your skill level practice ring kipping, ring kipping pull ups, ring toes-to-rings or ring muscle ups



  • Weighted Box Step ups
    • Grab two kettle bell or dumbbell
    • 5 sets a´ 10 step ups per set (5 per leg)
    • Increase weight for every set




Brothers in arms

  • Grab a partner and do 5 rounds each of
    • 12/9 CAL Row / Ski / Bike
    • 10 dumbbell facing burpees
    • 8 dumbbell thrusters (choose a load so you can do it unbroken)

Partner 1 completes a full round before partner 2 starts their full round until every partner has hit 5 rounds

TimeCap: 27min


AFTER PARTY:            stretch and roll

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