Training Do. 10.01.2019

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20 Warm-Up: Coaches Choice Skill: Hand Stand Hold against wall  Beginner: Accumulate as many minutes as possible within 10min Advanced: Press to handstand progression Elite: Same...

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Training Di. 08.01.2019

Warm-up:       20-20-20-20 Warm-Up Tabata: 5 rounds of 30sec ON / 15sec OFF Jump Rope Diamond Push Ups Light Wall Balls (max. 6kg)   Strength1: Ring Dips 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 3sec down with kipping allowed to get up again Beginner: Ring Dip...

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Training am 4.01.19

Warm up: 3x 30sec Bar Hang 2 sec aktive Schulter/ 2sec ablassen immmer abwechselnd 20 Situps 10 Hollow Rocks 5 Hindu pushups Strength/Skill: Work on your Kipping Chest to Bar Pullups Then Establish 5 RM in Deficit Handstandpushups in Max 5 sets...

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Training am 3.01.19

Warmup: 3 runden -Monsterwalks mit Band 10rechts/10links -30sec wallsit -Ausfallschritt mit arm nach oben strecken immer abwechselnd ca. 4 Stücke pro Seite Strength: 3 rounds -60sec wallsit with a Wallball in the Frontrack Position or 2x light...

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