Training Fr. 31.08.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Within 10min complete 5 rounds of 30sec double KettleBell Front Rack Carry (moderate weight) 5 diamond push ups 5 scapular pull ups   Strenght: Clean Complex 10min time to build to heavy: 1x Squat Clean + 2 Front...

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Training Do. 30.08.

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 E90s x 6 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Russian Twists with MedBall JumpRope (time remaining of 90sec) (Single/Double/Triple Unders)   Strenght: PushUps 5 sets 6 – 10 Deficit Tempo Push Ups 2sec down, 1s pause at bottom, 2sec...

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Training am 27.08.18

Warm up: 3 Runden 30sec Deadhang stretch 30sec Top plank hold rest 1min 3 Runden: 20m Walking Lunges kb sit ups hip stretch Barbell warmup Strength/Skill: 1. E2MOM for 10 min Low hang power Snatch x3 2. 4 sets 3 low hang Snatchhighpull build to a...

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Freid´dog 10.08.2018

Afwamma:     20-20-20-20 A weng eb´s Schbaßig´s Pizza Spui (nimmsd a Sidup-Maddn und drogst as wia a Keinna umanand, vosuachsd de andan era Maddn aus da Hend zum schlong, wer sei Maddn faliert machd 5 böapies) 4 Duachgang a´ 30sec...

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Training Di. 07.08.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 3 Rounds of 5 mobility squats (go slow and sit as deep as you can) 10 banded good mornings 16 Mountain climbers   Strenght: PushPress 5 Sets with 4 reps each Increase weight for every set   RingDips EMOM10...

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Training Fr. 03.08.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 10min WarmUp Coaches Choice   Strenght: Deadlift 10min time to establish 3RM   Partner Med Ball Sit Ups 5 sets with 20 reps (10 per partner) Start easy and increase weight for every set Advanced: take slam...

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