Training Do. 05.07.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20

Fun Warm Up Games:

  • Pizza Game 3x 45sec (take a abmat and hold it as a pizza and try to hit others pizzas off)
    • If your pizza falls off your hand perform 3 burpees
  • Build a bridge (take three weight plates and walk only on plates from rack to rowers and back)
  • Partner Crab Walk 3 rounds (go back on back and perform 20m crab walk)

Support Strength on the rings

  • 5x 30sec Mature Support (Ring top hold position) Beginner: use elastic band


„Break the wall down“   

  • 50 DoubleUnders / 100 SingleUnders
  • 40 HandReleasePushUps / Knee PushUps
  • 30 KettleBell DeadLifts (2x 32kg/24kg/16kg/12kg)
  • 20 PullUps or Advanced: BarMuscleUps, Beginner: use elastic band
  • 10 Box Step Ups (use same weight as KBDL)

TimeCap: 16min

AFTER PARTY: grab a partner and go for three sets of max time of plank (syncron and face to face until one partner fails)

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