Training Di. 31.07.2018

WarmUp: 20-20-20-20 EMOM5 10 WallBalls (light weight – max. 6kg) Rest of each minute get max reps of jump rope (Single or double unders)   Kraft: Cluster Power Cleans 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 5 rounds with 10sec between reps Try to increase weight...

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Training am 30.7.18

Warm up: -Mobility -Koordination, Agilität Part 1: 5 RM Snatch Grip Behind the neck Pushpress Then Supersatz 2x 5 @90% 12 reverse Backlunges 6 each leg Part 2: 5x 1min on /1min off Dumbell pushpress switch after 30sec start with your weaker...

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Training Fr. 27.07.2018

CFSR    BAVARIAN    FRIDAY    CONTINUES…   Afwamma: 20-20-20-20 5 Rund´n 10 Hambbemanna 5 Rumpfbaiga 10 Kniabaiga ausm stand   Grafft: Bägg-Sgwod (Kniabaiga mid na Schdang am Bugl hind´om) 10 minuddn zeid Find dei maximals gwichd mid...

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Training Di. 24.07.2018

WarmUp: 20-20-20-20 400m RUN 20m DUCK WALK 20m BUNNIE HOPS 20m CRAB WALK 20m CROUCHING TIGER   Kraft: BenchPress   In 10min time: work to heavy 2RM After that take 70% of 2RM and do 1x AMRAP     WOD: „THE HATEFUL 8“           ...

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Training Mo. 23.07.2018

A. Mobility + Snatch WarmUp   B. Snatch Work up to a heavy single for the day in 15min, focus on technique C. EMOM12 Slow Snatch Deadlift to Hips + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance (3+1+1) WOD: „Limitless“    In Teams of 2 AMRAP7 max. cal ROW...

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Training Di. 17.07.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 2 rounds of 200m Run Monkey Bar 10 AirSquats   Strength: 10 – 12 min skill work on PISTOLS (Single-Leg Squat) Use rings, elastic band or box/bench for support depending on your level   WOD: „The Heart Break Kid“   ...

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Training Fr. 13.7.18

Warm up: Alles 3-2-1min row, Ski, bike Strength Deadlift Reset After each Rep 5@40% 3@ 50% 1@ 60% 3×5@70-75% Go all out in the last set WOD For Time 3 runden 20 cal Row 10 Box Step overs 2 x Dumbell Rest 3min For Time 60 cal Row 30 Box Step...

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Training Do. 12.7.18

Warmup Strength – Find 8 RM in Benchpress With 4s negativ Then -10% 2×8 at same negativ Time – 4 supersets Max Dumbell strict press with 3s Hold @ top of each Rep Max underhand Bend over row With 4s eccentric * das Gewicht sollte...

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