Training Fr. 29.06.2018

Warm Up: 20-20-20-20 4 rounds of: 20 Jumping Jacks 16 Russian Twists with Medball 10 PushUps Strength: EMOM10: 5 deadlift (touch and go) with 80% of 1 RM Beginners: take moderate weight and focus on technique Core Work: 5 sets (NOT FOR TIME BUT...

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Training Do. 28.06.2018

WarmUp: 20-20-20-20 2x 200m Run + Monkeybar (if you can go all the way on monkeybar) Strength: 12 minutes to establish 1 RM OverHeadSquat Beginners: practise OHS with pvc bar or maximum empty barbell Advanced: start from ground with power snatch...

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Training 21.6.18

Strength: Cleanpull (kein high pull) + Clean+ pushpress 2+2+2x 4 @ 60% vom Max clean and Jerk Rest 2min Between Sets WOD Time cap 30min Keine Pause zwischen den Runden. 4Runden 16 Wallballs 8 Power Clean 4 Runden 12 shoulder 2 Overhead 12 Box...

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Training 14.06.18

Strength: Find a 3 RM Behind The neck SnatchGrip Pushpress WOD: TC:20MIN Benchmark WOD “ Nancy“ 5 Runden 400m Run 15 OHS 42,5kg/30kg Accessory: 4 Runden 20-30s Ring Support hold 15 Langsame Ring Rows (2sätze nach innen ziehen, 2 sätze...

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Training 7.06.18

Warm Up: 200m Run 10m Bearwalk Front 10m Bear walk Back 10m side bear walk left + right Double under work 5-6 min Strength: Find 2 RM in Strict Press Every 2 min for 10 min 2 @90% from 2 RM WOD: 4 Rounds for Time AS Fast As Possible 50/40 cal...

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Training 5.6.18

Warmup: 3 runden 300m Rudern 200m laufen 20/15/10 Medballcleans Scapular Warm up Strength 5RM in Strict Pullups In 8min Rest 2min Amrap 8min 3-6-9-12 usw. Unbroken Kipping oder Butterfly Pullups/ Scaled ringrows Rest if you need Wenn ein...

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