Training Di. 16.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Run 2 rounds 2x 10 Lat-Pull-Ups and 10 Diamond Push Ups Wrist Activation/Stretch Strength: Hand Stand Walk 12min time to practice Beginner: Hand Stand Walk Progression or Wall Walks or Hand Stand Hold Advanced: Built up some obstacles and walk over them   Nordic Glute Ham Raise (on floor) Partner will hold

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Training am Mo. 15.10.2018

Warm up: Overheadsquats an der Wand 4 Rounds 10 Overheadsquats one arm with KB or Dumbell 5 inchworms with pushup 20 Mountainclimbers Skill/Strength: 1. Go as high as possible in 5 Snatch Grip Push Press+3 OHS 2. Every 4 Min x4 6 Power Snatch w. 1s Pause im Catch @ 78-80% of Max Power Snatch

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Training Fr. 12.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Coaches Choice Strength: Weighted Ring Dips EMOM10 5 reps Beginner: Use elastic band for support   Planks 4 rounds of 30sec ON / 30sec OFF Side Plank left / Plank / Side Plank right   WOD: CHOKE SLAM For time 500m Row or Ski / Bike 0.7miles 30 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts 20

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Training Do. 11.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 3 rounds of 200m row / ski / bike 10 banded good mornings or with empty bar Afterwards stretch your wrists Strenght: Clean & Split Jerk 12min time to practice technique Advanced: Work up to 1RM   100 Butterfly Sit-Ups for time Both hands touch floor behind your head and in front

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Training Di. 9.10.18

Warm up: 3 Runden 16 KB Swings 20s Arch hold 10 V-ups Skill/Strength: 3x 30s max strict pullups weighted max5-10kg 10s rest 30s max strict pullups 10s rest 30s max ring rows 3 min rest WOD: TC:10 min increase weight every set 200m run 15 Thrusters 200m run 12 Thrusters 200m run 9 Thrusters 200m

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Training Fr. 05.10.2018

WarmUp:        20-20-20-20 Coaches Choice WarmUp Strenght: Deadlift 5 Sets with 10 reps each (touch and go) Increase weight for every set   Durante Core – 3 rounds of 5 – 10 unbroken reps of: Hollow Rock V-Up Tuck-Up Hollow Hold REST 90sec between sets   WOD: WOD 2 rounds for time of 50-Cal.

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Training Do. 04.10.2018

A: Warm Up ca. 3 min Row, AirBike or SkiErg ca. 10 min Mobility and Stretch B: Three sets of: – Russian Step-Ups x 10 reps each leg – Ring Rows x 10 reps – Push-Ups x 10 reps Rest ca. 90 sec between Sets C: Bulgarian Split Squat 4 Sets x 8-12 Reps each

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